Faith and a Higher Power

Is it just me or does everyone think they rule the world?  People seem very committed to the idea that they have power in their lives and that somehow this makes them safe.  Those of us who rely on the unseen spiritual dimension for guidance and support are somehow seen as the weaker vessels.  I wholeheartedly disagree. 

Don’t misunderstand my opinion on this.  I believe I have the power of choice.  It’s just the outcomes that I can’t do anything about.  Those are in the hands of universal forces much bigger, older and I hope wiser than I am. That does not make me feel powerless in the traditional sense.  On the contrary, it makes me feel connected to a bigger picture where I have a place and I belong.  The rules of physics, science and common sense still apply.  In fact they are a necessary part of my spiritual view. 

Alternatively though I do understand the athiests and agnostics of the world.  If  hadn’t been in several death defying situations in my life I might wonder too.  But I have and consequently I have absolutely no problem asserting that, for myself, I definately believe in a Higher Power in this Universe – a Universal Conciousness that holds on to each of us in totality.  Our thoughts, feelings and experiences are part of of the makeup of this higher mind.  We are never forgotten and never alone at that level of awareness.  I feel lucky to have experienced that feeling of connectedness on a mostly daily basis.  However, I think it is up to us to get into the flow of that universal conciousness.  It does reach out to us but ultimately we have free will which gives us the option to ignore it.

I don’t believe in the traditional concept of Heaven and Hell as though these are destinations.  I do believe however that they are states of being, reated within the minds and spirits of humans based on choices that have been made.  Consequences can not be avoided in this Universe.  Karma, cause & effect, whatever you want to call it is always in play.  Unfortunately, sometimes when I discuss this with people they believe that those causes are easily determined. They easily forget that it is not just individually that we live out these causes but in our family units, communities and countries.  If you were the collective conciousness, in essence immortal with infinite memory, wouldn’t the causes you remembered be a bit farther back than what I as a human can understand?  Ah, this is where that powerlessness comes in – that faith that there is a balance in the Universe and its weighted towards expansion and love. 

This a long subject and after the day I’ve had I won’t be writing War & Peace on it.  But suffice it to say that I am very clear that my choices are all that is under my control.  I choose faith, openness, harmony and love in my life.  I hope you do too.