The Higher Purpose of Social Media – The Magic of Intent

I heard someone impugn social media recently as a “superficial, attention seeking” behavior. While I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how biased or ill informed this articulate, well educated person also didn’t use social media. So they, like others before them on other topics, judged the environment from too small a […]

5 Tips for Staying Spiritually Centered at the Holidays

As the holidays are upon us many folks begin to feel frazzled, pressured and decidedly stressed about meeting all the obligations that this season can bring.  Rubbish I say!  Now is the time to commit to a safe, sane and spiritually centered holiday season.  Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful over the years […]

This Higgs boson in a Sea of God Awareness

I read about the Higgs boson particle today.  In an article on CNN the scientist said the following: “The Higgs boson is associated with the reason that everything in the universe — from humans to planets to galaxies — have mass. The particle is a component of something called the Higgs field, which permeates our […]

12 Months to Greater Balance – an Endless Magic eSeries

I mentioned in my last newsletter that my lesson in 2012 was that balance in my life is created one moment at a time. In meditating on this subject it came to me to create a new eSeries entitled 12 Months to Greater Balance. During the first week of each month you will each get […]

2013 – A Call to Action

Welcome to 2013. This year does not have to be the same as all that came before. This year can be different. That difference is you. Each of you has your own intuition. This year you can use it. Use it to reduce the suffering of your own life. Use it to reduce the suffering […]

Give Peace of Mind Some Air Time

We can all feel it. Things are changing, and a bit too fast for many people’s liking while not fast enough for others. Where ever you fall on this continuum the point is that everything around us is shifting. The question for each of us is how does it effect us and how can we […]

Appreciating the Humble Path

Often in my packed life I wish for more time. Time for friends, lazy walks on the beach or a long afternoon nap. Ah, sounds great doesn’t it? When I get this time (and luckily I do) I am often struck by the insights I’ll get just from doing apparently nothing for awhile. The brain […]

Weed Out Your Thought Garden – Releasing Limitation

What would happen if just for one day you acted as if you were a limitless being of undeniable power and grace? How would this idea change your behavior towards yourself and others? So often in our lives the voices in our heads are limiting. They remind us of our faults, our limitations, and our […]

Trust as Action on Beltane’s Eve

There are times when I’ve wondered exactly how I became a spiritual counselor.  Besides my ancestry, training, love for spirituality and my desire to help others exactly how did I get here?  It’s simple.  I have trust issues. For more reasons than I can write here I’ve never been very trusting of other people.  I […]

Lessons on Living from Whitney Houston

Yesterday Whitney Houston died. No matter what the investigators say people will have their opinions. Of course I have mine but not about how she died. My opinions are about what I learned from her living. They are simple: Treasure Your Talents: Each of us has a unique talent that we do better than anyone […]