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The experience of your life is greatly influenced by your choices. Make a commitment to yourself to choose differently. The results are amazing.

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None of us were handed a manual for living. There are tools you can learn to greatly enhance your relationship with yourself and those you love.

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Life is a team sport. Sometimes all people need is perspective and a new strategy. Sessions combine ancient arts of astrology, energy work and clairvoyance with practical action plans.

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Another Year of Change

Another year is winding down and I’m struck by how much change we are all faced with. ¬†Change doesn’t get easier but it can become more familiar. ¬†For me the benefit of getting older is that I have developed a sense of confidence in my ability to deal with whatever changes are brought my way. […]

Before and After

Everything in my life lately has boiled down to before and after. Before my Father died in December and after. It’s not that I’m a different person now, though I am. It’s not that this was a seminal event in my life, though it was. I find that my mental and emotional landscape has changed. […]