Another Year of Change

Another year is winding down and I’m struck by how much change we are all faced with.  Change doesn’t get easier but it can become more familiar.  For me the benefit of getting older is that I have developed a sense of confidence in my ability to deal with whatever changes are brought my way.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get scared, act dumb or wish I was more graceful.  It does mean that I recover from those dumb, scary, awkward moments more quickly.  I can remember to take a breath and find my center with greater ease than when I was younger.

I believe that many people look at the changes we are going through and deduce the world is worse off than it was before. We all have a tendency to romanticize the past.  For me I’m excited about the future.  I see younger people today with their enthusiasm, intelligence and compassion and am inspired to be a better person.  I’m inspired to work harder to be what they already are – open.  I am most deeply inspired to find the best of myself and share it in the hopes that what I leave behind on this planet will be a positive ripple in the energy.  I most deeply wish to touch the people in my life with love, compassion, strength and an example of faith in action.

Gratitude for my life, family, friends, career and most of all my relationship with our beautiful, self-aware Universe is at the center of everything good in my life.  I hope today that you take some deep breaths and find one small thing that can bring you hope.  It doesn’t have to be large.  We are inundated with grandiose images of what a successful life looks like.  I’m talking about those small sacred moments that can touch you deeply.  If you go in search of one, it will appear.

Namaste my friends.  I love you all.