Another Year of Change

Another year is winding down and I’m struck by how much change we are all faced with.  Change doesn’t get easier but it can become more familiar.  For me the benefit of getting older is that I have developed a sense of confidence in my ability to deal with whatever changes are brought my way. […]

Before and After

Everything in my life lately has boiled down to before and after. Before my Father died in December and after. It’s not that I’m a different person now, though I am. It’s not that this was a seminal event in my life, though it was. I find that my mental and emotional landscape has changed. […]

The Higher Purpose of Social Media – The Magic of Intent

I heard someone impugn social media recently as a “superficial, attention seeking” behavior. While I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how biased or ill informed this articulate, well educated person also didn’t use social media. So they, like others before them on other topics, judged the environment from too small a […]

Steps for Higher Action – Lessons Learned from the Arizona Shootings

“We are reminded that in the fleeting time we have on this earth what matters is not wealth or status or power or fame but rather how well have we loved and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better.”  Pres. Barack Obama at the Arizona shooting victim’s memorial. […]

Feeling Grateful and Doing Something About It

There are times that the gratitude I feel for my life is so bright in front of me that it blocks out everything else. This is always in contrast to those times that I couldn’t have found that feeling if it sat on me. The more life experience I rack up (not to be confused […]

Choices and Opportunities

Hello Dear Friends, In these interesting times I am always reminded that life is full of choices. Every day we are asked by the Universe, “Who are you?”. The actions we take and choices we make serve to answer that question. In my experience it is not so much about how we treat our loved […]

Dealing with Difficult People

March 2008 Newsletter Hello dear friends! It has been a busy few weeks since we last spoke! We had a full moon lunar eclipse on February 20th and the election battles are consuming our media outlets! Meanwhile, as I’ve been busy preparing this article on dealing with difficult people I am reminded that the most […]