Feeling Grateful and Doing Something About It

There are times that the gratitude I feel for my life is so bright in front of me that it blocks out everything else. This is always in contrast to those times that I couldn’t have found that feeling if it sat on me.

The more life experience I rack up (not to be confused with simply getting older) I realize how interdependent my peace of mind is. Spending time detaching from being controlled by things in the world and focusing on the essence of spirituality has led me right back to the world itself. Not the things in it but the people.

More every day I feel connected to everyone around me and especially the people that my conscious mind does not “like”. How have they come to be who they are? What is life like for them? How do we help those who refuse it or worse yet have contempt for our compassion?

Sometimes I sit across from some one and can see his or her dislike of me. It’s not personal – it never is. Not that I couldn’t be annoying it’s just that the people I’m close enough to to annoy never look at me like this.

No, this is something more. Something in them resists the energy I am always flowing into a room. They do not want their frequency raised and certainly not by me. It could be a past life thing. Or maybe they are truly comfortable in a world of limitations and free of a pestering hope for miracles.

I find lately though that they are the ones who move me the most. I can do nothing for them – they don’t need saving – but a little understanding can’t hurt. I think this is why I watch all the true crime shows I adore.

Who will pray for the criminals if I don’t?

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