Choices and Opportunities

Hello Dear Friends,

In these interesting times I am always reminded that life is full of choices. Every day we are asked by the Universe, “Who are you?”. The actions we take and choices we make serve to answer that question.

In my experience it is not so much about how we treat our loved ones. Most people make an effort to treat those they care for with consideration. However, how we treat our adversaries and ourselves answers the Universes’ question most directly.

As I browsed Cafe Press the other day I saw a magnet that put it so clearly. It said:

How people treat you is their karma; How you react is your’s.

Making conscious choices is Phase Three of the Living in Enthusiasm work. It’s really very simple. You are not a victim of circumstance, bad genes or poor family dynamics. All of those things inform your personality but you make choices each day that either surrender to or defy those issues. If you do not feel comfortable in your life CHOOSE AGAIN.

A well balanced life is the result of an accumulation of conscious choices that reflect your desire for self respect. When people begin this work they are often motivated by pain or difficult circumstances and wish for quick results. It doesn’t work this way. The self respect and peace of mind that comes from the accumulation of good choices increases slowly over time. This is why it is a lasting and permanent solution to personal suffering. You can start or restart at any moment. The progress you’ve made in the past won’t leave you. This personal work that only you can do for yourself exists on a continuum throughout the course of your life.

Join me today in committing to making choices that reflect your desire to actively build self respect and peace of mind. Do it in a manner that works for you. Give yourself permission to start small and work up to bigger things. Maybe just for today it means saying no to that donut or cigarette. Maybe it means spending some time with your family instead of working late. Each choice accumulates within you and before you know it healthy, conscious choices are your habit not your challenge.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. You are worth the effort. I am sure of it.

Love & Light to you all

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