2013 – A Call to Action

Welcome to 2013. This year does not have to be the same as all that came before. This year can be different. That difference is you. Each of you has your own intuition. This year you can use it. Use it to reduce the suffering of your own life. Use it to reduce the suffering of others. We are all capable of amazing transformations one day at a time. Embrace your transformation. Don’t wait. No one is going to hold the door for you. You have to push through yourself. There’s an intuition in your soul of what you should do next. Listen. Embrace it. Get busy. The time is now.

Put down the remote. Call a friend. Open a book. Enroll in a class. Make your life worth living for you. Other people’s opinions are not relevant. Only your own opinion of yourself truly counts. Now, more than ever, it is time for you to embrace yourself and find your enthusiasm.

You are a light to many people in your own life. Turn it up. Let them see you. Let them be inspired to do the same. This is how you transform a world. One person at a time. No one is left behind. We are in this together. We must change and allow ourselves to be what our families, friends and communities need now.

This year I’ll be sending out notes & posting ideas for small changes we can embrace each day. In 2012 I learned to embrace change one moment at a time and to create balance the same way. As always I’m sharing what I learned and hope that it works in some small way for you as well.

This is my prayer for 2013. This is my commitment. Let’s go.