Give Peace of Mind Some Air Time

We can all feel it. Things are changing, and a bit too fast for many people’s liking while not fast enough for others. Where ever you fall on this continuum the point is that everything around us is shifting. The question for each of us is how does it effect us and how can we successfully navigate what sometimes feels like utter chaos.

Now more than ever our connection to our deepest selves is required. You may wonder what that is? Well, it’s that soft sound inside you that nudges you in a particular direction – in a relationship, a conversation or just at the grocery store. This soft intuition is a muscle that can be built through contemplation, meditation, healthy eating, exercise and a cultivation of calm. Deepak Chopra calls intuition a “quite sense of calm” rather than a constant chatter about things happening around you.

It’s worthwhile to observe that chatter. What does your inner voice tell you? Does it whip up your anxiety by detailing worst case scenarios? Does it list out your deficiencies or fears in never ending detail? This is the little mind – driven by the ego – that is the opposite of the calm peacefulness that we would benefit us all.

I don’t just mean benefiting in a spiritual or psychological manner. Like meditation, a calm mind has physical benefits as well. From lowering blood pressure to slowing the heart rate and strengthening the immune system. Health – both physical and emotional – is an integrated process.

Focusing on developing this inner calm also frees you from being at the mercy of the chaotic life that many people deem normal. The Dalai Lama has said in many ways, “Do not let the behavior of others disturb your inner peace.” To do that we must take charge and make a commitment to ourselves. Sometimes this is the hardest part.

As you step into the new year make an effort to take 10 minutes a day to focus on this inner guide. Choose to give peace of mind a little air time. Take some deep breaths at your desk or even in your car before you head on to your next errand. As your mind inevitably churns up 20 things you need to do or are uneasy with simply say to yourself, “Everything will be all right.” Believe it. Invest in this idea. Let this phrase become a signal to your body to relax. My grandmother shared this wisdom as she was making her transition to the other side and you know, she was right.

This is urban spirituality. It’s for everyone. Join the fun.