Appreciating the Humble Path

Often in my packed life I wish for more time. Time for friends, lazy walks on the beach or a long afternoon nap. Ah, sounds great doesn’t it? When I get this time (and luckily I do) I am often struck by the insights I’ll get just from doing apparently nothing for awhile. The brain is an amazing entity as the creative part can kick in when you release a need to focus on the controllable details of living.

I treasure the time I get to sit on the porch and let my mind wander. In these moments – no matter how brief – I’m struck by an overwhelming sense of gratitude that my purpose driven life is so full. I know I am living my destiny and feel like a healthy productive part of this world.

That feeling is something I have sought for a very long time and being committed to a spiritual path and truly embracing humility has enabled it to grow in my day to day life. The less my life is all about me, the more fulfilling it is in every area. From my day technology career to my spiritual counseling practice I have an opportunity to share experience, strength and hope with people. This is a privilege that I’m lucky to enjoy.

No matter what you are doing in your life you have these things to share as well. The world is in need of more culturally creative people who are willing to share their unique ideas. You are this person. Go forth. Share, solve and remember to sit on the porch and be grateful. I’ll see you there.