Weed Out Your Thought Garden – Releasing Limitation

What would happen if just for one day you acted as if you were a limitless being of undeniable power and grace? How would this idea change your behavior towards yourself and others?

So often in our lives the voices in our heads are limiting. They remind us of our faults, our limitations, and our shortcomings. These voices have a subtle and sometimes profound effect on the way we treat ourselves and other people in our lives. They quietly drive us a little crazy, keeping us from connecting with the positive life force that is around us. Feeding on our dreams they keep us down rather than build us up.

For me the purpose of my meditation practice has been to quiet those voices. As I sit and focus on my breath or the candle I’m working with I put those voices in a often large bubble and float them away. I see the bubble explode and know those voices have been sent back to where they belong. Repeated practice of this technique has allowed me to reduce their constant chatter in the back of my mind. I did not create this technique but it has been very effective.

Next I’ve invited a new voice in to replace those old, outdated voices. It is a soothing, calm presence that encourages me to be my best, to let go of fear and to be open. In building up my attention on the positive I have trained myself to listen to that voice first and literally ignore the others.

Now this doesn’t work every day or in every situation but it has brought me a greater sense of peace and possibility than I had before I started trying. It has removed limitations and old ideas I had about myself so that new thoughts could grow. A little like weeding out my internal thought garden I now have room for a different crop of ideas to flourish.

As the year progresses give this a try and let me know what happens. As with all internal work it takes some time and practice. Don’t give up! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!