This Higgs boson in a Sea of God Awareness

I read about the Higgs boson particle today.  In an article on CNN the scientist said the following:

“The Higgs boson is associated with the reason that everything in the universe — from humans to planets to galaxies — have mass. The particle is a component of something called the Higgs field, which permeates our universe. It’s not a perfect analogy, but Brian Greene, theoretical physicist at Columbia University and “NOVA” host, offered this comparison when I spoke with him last year:

“You can think of it as a kind of molasses-like bath that’s invisible, but yet we’re all immersed within it,” Greene said. “And as particles like electrons try to move through the molasses-like bath, they experience a resistance. And that resistance is what we, in our big everyday world, think of as the mass of the electron.”

Truth is that is how I’ve been explaining some of my phychic abilities for years.  I’ve told many a client that we are all connected in a sea of energy.  I believe that science will some day prove that this sea is self aware and remembers all of our lives, activities and connections.  For people like me I have trained some natural ability in my brain to “hear” what’s going on in that field. It is often like swimming in someone elses memories and emotions. Being psychic is not some freak occurance or, at least for me, a ruse for bad behavior.  It’s a natural talent that can be trained.  Some peopl are athletic, I can “hear” things that other people can’t see.  I remain convinced that as we learn more about the Universe we live in such things will become explainable, common sense parts of our understanding.

With all that said however, there is still something mystical, dynamic and wonderful about this idea.  For me, it does not remove the idea of god-awareness or a Higher Power someone might call God.  In fact it proves it to me.  We are all one sea of energy, connected y particles that we don’t yet understand, participating in some illusion that we are seperate beings.  In that state of oneness, we form the higher conciousness. We can connect with this conciousness in a state of grace when we are lucky.  Meditation and prayer do this for me but other people have other activities that give them that sense of being connected in that same manner.

For me all that matters is that connection and the hope that some day people will not only understand it as science but let it touch their lives. I hope they will let that connection bring hope and a sense of continuity into the sometimes lonely places we can go during our human experience.  This light in the darkness, that is available to all people no matter their religion or lack of it, is God for me.  I am forever grateful for this awareness and what it has meant to my life.