Lessons on Living from Whitney Houston

Yesterday Whitney Houston died. No matter what the investigators say people will have their opinions. Of course I have mine but not about how she died. My opinions are about what I learned from her living. They are simple:

Treasure Your Talents: Each of us has a unique talent that we do better than anyone else. We may not be famous for it but that doesn’t make it any less special. If you don’t know your’s then dedicate your life to finding it. If you look around you’ll see that the world needs each of us to contribute what we can to making it a better more compassionate place. When you know what it is respect yourself for it and try your best not to waste it. It is a gift.

Know You are Irreplaceable to Someone: With so much focus on celebrity in our culture it’s easy to forget that each of us has a special place in this world. You may look around in your life and not see how valuable you are. Our culture also tends to focus on the negative. Buck that trend. I am willing to bet that near you in your life is someone who thinks you are irreplaceable for your talents, humor or just your quiet presence. Know this is true even if no one says so.

Make Healthy Choices: Every day in ways large and small we are confronted with choices. This is a gift of our human existence. With this gift comes the responsibility to make choices that are sustaining to ourselves, our families and our talents. To chose self destructive behavior is to flip the bird to all that is divine in this Universe. Chose differently. There is no need to repeat the past or the mistakes of others. Be your own person and follow a drummer that will lead you out of your own personal darkness.

Never Give Up: The past is over. Let it rest in peace. While we can learn from it freedom comes from knowing that with each new choice you can create a new future. Be determined not to let the past or the voices of your own demons hold your life hostage. It’s important to commit to your future and what your path is in this world. Be committed. Be strong. Be a warrior for all that is good and fruitful in this life.

Forgive: Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forgive the world for being an often unfair and difficult place. Your heart is intended for this purpose and from it all things can flow freely. Grudges, vengeance, self criticism and anger are emotions of the weak. They are an excuse not to seek out and treasure your talent and those who find you irreplaceable. We need to be strong and through good choices create a world we would want our children to inherit. Who will teach them to forgive the world if we don’t.

That’s it. You never know when your last day here has arrived so I think we should get busy.

1 comment on “Lessons on Living from Whitney Houston”

  1. Brigitte Hales

    Whenever a hugely successful person dies in this way I’m always reminded that Money/Fame/Renown does not equal happiness. I think that’s hard for the 99% to grasp. It’s certainly hard for me at times and many of those I love. But clearly, it doesn’t.