Take Back Valentine’s Day!

Next week comes a dreaded day for many people. Valentines Day! February 14th can make the happiest of people depressed and for good reason. Our culture has defined it as a time when someone special, normally your life mate, pays extra special attention to you and we can all pretend to be living in a romance novel.  As much as I like to give and receive fantasy fulfillment these ideas actually do more harm than good.

Relationships are built on a common understanding and respect for each other.  I say we should take back Valentine’s Day from those who would judge our relationships based on the size of bouquets we receive!  Now, by way of disclosure I happen to be in a relationship where I get the MOST amazing flowers and many other special things on this day so I could easily be called a hypocrite. However, the truth is that what I treasure most is not the thing but the thought.

Creating and maintaining intimacy in a relationship is no easy feat.  I am grateful for a day that reminds us to tell those we care about how special they are to us and still I do not know a person who would not appreciate that sentiment at any time of the year. A dozen roses on one day will not make up for ignoring that same person the rest of the time.

More importantly what do you do if you are not romantically involved? Hide away and try not to feel worthless that you are not in a relationship? Well I think that’s where we need to make a break from old ideas!  Everyone is in a relationship! With themselves, their families and the world around them. I suggest taking time to share your appreciation for those people as well.

This Valentine’s Day I challenge all the unattached to do something special for someone else in your life. Go ahead send flowers to your Aunt or get a humorous card for a friend. Take it further and send something anonymously to someone who you know is down!  Take action, take this day back and give it new life and meaning.

Everyone deserves to feel special. Now is your chance to spread kind, loving energy into the world!  Now that’s a day I can get behind!