Send Prayers and Help: Links to Japan Disaster Relief Charities

There are few words to express my concern over the people living in Japan during this difficult and frightening time.  They are a strong and resourceful people however between the earthquake, tsunami and now the exploding nuclear power plant it is most important that they know the rest of the world is willing to step up and be of aid, as well as send our prayers.

Below you will find a list of links to reputable agencies who are gathering funds and supplies for the relief and rebuilding effort.  Please share the link to this post or create your own. Let’s collectively make an effort to be of service to our fellow men, women and children as they recover from this devastating event.

Donate today and if you can light a candle and send some positive energy to them in your own way.

  • The Red Cross

In response to the quake, the Red Cross has already launched efforts in Japan.  Visit this link on or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your cell phone.

  • Save the Children

The organization is currently organizing efforts and donations to its Children’s Emergency Fund will support outreach.

  • International Medical Corps

To donate or learn about other ways you can contribute to its medical response, visit Also, text MED to 80888 from any mobile phone to give $10.

  • Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is sending two three-person teams to the Iwate and Miyagi prefectures in Japan. To learn more about the organization’s efforts or make a donation, visit

Here is also a link to an article on the Huffington Post link to an article on the Huffington Post that outlines some additional agencies and from which I copied this content.

For those of you tweeting about this situation please note that an iReporter on @CNN mentioned that though the phone lines are down they are staying in communication on Twitter.  She specifically mentioned how reading all the tweets from us around the world is helping them to have the strength to stay calm.  This is the true value of social media!  Keep tweeting.

Many people have mentioned how unsettling these recent series of events are.  We’ve had spontaneous animal deaths (birds & fish), serious earthquakes in multiple locations, and extensive unrest in the Middle East.

I encourage all of you to remember one thing: Though we may be living through tumultuous change this is a time of awakenings not annihilation.  Old systems of thought and behavior are coming to an end but our world, lives and loves continue.  That is made true by our choices every day to be the compassionate, wise and well balanced humans that we have the capability to be.

I have always thought it was a blessing to be in a position to provide assistance.  Lets make sure to do our part on the material and spiritual plane!


1 comment on “Send Prayers and Help: Links to Japan Disaster Relief Charities”

  1. Heather Gatimu

    Earthquakes are a natural part of our world and we really need to have agencies ready at all times to respond. The Japanese are usually prepared for the level of quake they have come to expect but this shows how even well prepared people can be overwhelmed by the multiple failures of structures, plumbing, transit and healthcare plus the difficulty of an especially hard to contain nuclear emergency. Hopefully enough aid will arrive soon to save lives.