Appreciating the Humble Path

Often in my packed life I wish for more time. Time for friends, lazy walks on the beach or a long afternoon nap. Ah, sounds great doesn’t it? When I get this time (and luckily I do) I am often struck by the insights I’ll get just from doing apparently nothing for awhile. The brain […]

Weed Out Your Thought Garden – Releasing Limitation

What would happen if just for one day you acted as if you were a limitless being of undeniable power and grace? How would this idea change your behavior towards yourself and others? So often in our lives the voices in our heads are limiting. They remind us of our faults, our limitations, and our […]

Trust as Action on Beltane’s Eve

There are times when I’ve wondered exactly how I became a spiritual counselor.  Besides my ancestry, training, love for spirituality and my desire to help others exactly how did I get here?  It’s simple.  I have trust issues. For more reasons than I can write here I’ve never been very trusting of other people.  I […]

Lessons on Living from Whitney Houston

Yesterday Whitney Houston died. No matter what the investigators say people will have their opinions. Of course I have mine but not about how she died. My opinions are about what I learned from her living. They are simple: Treasure Your Talents: Each of us has a unique talent that we do better than anyone […]

Take Back Valentine’s Day!

Next week comes a dreaded day for many people. Valentines Day! February 14th can make the happiest of people depressed and for good reason. Our culture has defined it as a time when someone special, normally your life mate, pays extra special attention to you and we can all pretend to be living in a […]

The End of 2011 – Time to Nurture YOU!

As 2011 comes to an end and the Winter Solstice is here I’m reviewing the lessons this year has had to offer. My inner voice is loud and clear as usual and I have yet another opportunity to listen. What it tells me is that 2012 will be the year of ME! No, I’m not […]

Because I’m Here

I heard it today and I’ve heard it before but this time was different. “You are worthy because you are here, because you were born.”,  said Oprah Winfrey during her last show. Now remember that I’ve been listening lately to Tibetan Buddhist master Khen Rinpoche lecture on the idea of the precious, perfect human birth. […]

Send Prayers and Help: Links to Japan Disaster Relief Charities

There are few words to express my concern over the people living in Japan during this difficult and frightening time.  They are a strong and resourceful people however between the earthquake, tsunami and now the exploding nuclear power plant it is most important that they know the rest of the world is willing to step […]

Speed-Meditation – Finding Serenity in Line at the Grocery Store

When you speak about spirituality and meditation the first thought many people have is, “I don’t have time to meditate!”  I understand.  My schedule is full of obligations and duties leaving little time for quiet moments to myself.  If often wonder how my career women friends with children cope, but I think there is an […]

Faith and a Higher Power

Is it just me or does everyone think they rule the world?  People seem very committed to the idea that they have power in their lives and that somehow this makes them safe.  Those of us who rely on the unseen spiritual dimension for guidance and support are somehow seen as the weaker vessels.  I […]